Kris Fordiani – Fordiani Art


Fordiani Art offers only original abstract, modern, contemporary paintings. Fordiani Art was conceived by Kris and Gino Fordiani who are abstract, modern, contemporary artists. Abstraction is a means by which they tell their story.

Judy Fordiani has been painting and sketching since childhood. While living in Maui, Hawaii Judy was inspired by the abundance of color, contrasts and dynamic lighting that only a place like Maui could provide. Upon the loss of her one true love of 55 years, Judy moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to join her Son, Gino. The Big Island of Hawaii offered her the ability to explore mediums she might not have ever tried. That exploration is evident in her current works.

Kris and Gino met on the Big Island of Hawaii, the years they spent on the islands allowed them to see the abundance of color in an unaltered state. Upon Judy’s arrival to the Big Island, Kris and Gino were immersed in her creative depiction of what she saw through her eyes and transposed to the canvas from Maui. That began their journey of illuminating the colors and beauty the Big Island had offered them for so many years on canvas. They have created from that time to present paintings that represent their ability to take those colors, visions, and emotions to create a scene that allows the viewer to interpret what he or she sees in each creation.

When displaying their pieces in Hawaii, the responses were always individually different. Whether it was a dark or vivid painting which had a specific vision to Kris and Gino, would be perceived from the viewer as representing that vision but an entirely different translation. Those reactions inspired them to create their paintings without inhibition.

Capture your piece of original abstract, contemporary art. Browse through Fordiani Art online gallery, or contact Kris or Gino directly to talk about commissions or a unique piece just for you.